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S.E.A. Graphics Inc. has been in business since 1986.  Our company specializes in surveying and geospatial information system (GIS) related software products, consulting services and custom development of solutions to meet client needs.  Our clients are repeat customers from various sectors including surveying, engineering, architecture, government agencies and software product companies.

Software Products · Consulting · Custom Development

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Our philosophy focuses on adding maximum value drawing on our wealth of experience and conducting business with integrity enabling our clients to achieve or exceed their business goals.


We will soon be releasing a new product: the Plan Validator (PV).   This unique stand-alone product will conduct the independent quality assurance of survey plans by validating dimensions and closures with ease and speed.  Surveyors and government agencies will now be able to efficiently, accurately and confidently ensure the quality of registered and deposited survey plans, minimizing liabilities to all stakeholders.

Validate with efficiency and close with assurance: the Plan Validator (PV)